Maxine Bergevin's media industry experience


  • Producer for a TV broadcaster's Network and Marketing department

  • Series producer for French studio-based factual entertainment tv show (also broadcast on the web)

  • Producer of interviews

  • Producer of music videos

  • Producer for tv content of long and short durations, including animations/graphics based content and interstitial programming

  • Series producer for animated series: voice-directing and pre/post-production

  • Production of cross-platform content spanning short and long-term production/delivery schedules.

  • Leadership of a marketing production team: directors, talent, resources coordinator, p.a. p.c., editors, broadcast/motion graphics designer, audio engineer, mix engineer

  • Coordinating with Programming department, PR and Communications department, Exec producer and Directors of Marketing, Communications, Acquisitions and co-productions, etc.

  • Strategic planning and sound investment/distribution of resources: human, material, financial

  • Supervision of the way a company's brand and ID is presented in video, audio, web content.

  • Media producer for public, corporate and private events.

  • Responsible of recruiting talent (cast and crew) and auditioning


  • Directed for the following : studio (3 cams), field productions, productions on set; voice directing for informative and performance-based content (announcers and actors), as well as directing for spots, promo, public announcements, etc.

  • Pre-production experience : creating and refining concepts; script/copy writing; budget planning; working with set-designer/props master, auditioning, etc.

  • Production : directing for on-cam and voice recording; directing the edit and mix; supervising broadcast design, motion graphics and chyron production; directing composition of original music, of sound-design and folly. Directing for the documentation of corporate, public and private events.

  • Post production : Supervision of video and sound editing; colour correction; audio mix; sound design; composition of original score
  • Directing for music videos

  • Directing for interviews

  • Directing for documentation of live events


  • Reporting, conducting video, audio and print interviews

  • Background research, lines of questioning, chasing

  • Journalistic writing for television, radio/digital, web

  • Producing accompanying visuals: video, photos, graphics, etc


  • Scripts: TV and film, factual and dramatic, shorts and feature length
  • Reportage: TV, radio, web
  • Copy: TV, radio, web, print
  • Press releases, EPKs, Marketing (campaigns, tag lines, etc.), blogs, newsletters, social media, web

Web and Digital manager

  • Management of clients’ and production’s digital assets including video, audio, music (streaming and download) including formatting, exports, uploads and proper archiving

  • Creation and management of websites, social media home pages, blogs, etc.

  • Writing, editing and curating content for web and mobile technologies

  • Production of creative visual content photos, graphics, video, audio to entice users and participant

 Editor, Video and Audio

  • Edited video, audio and film pieces of various types and lengths including factual content, interview segments, dramatic shorts, music videos, promos, media campaigns, dance features and documentaries (FCP, Premiere, AfterEffects, Audition)

Broadcast Designer

  • Creating pertinent concepts that will appeal and speak to the targeted demographic

  • Mindfulness of the clients' agenda and their wishes

  • Pitching and fine-tuning ideas as the member of a Creative team

  • Assisting clients in manifesting their vision into media content; in translating their vision into a sensory experience true to the intent

  • Creating storyboards, mock-ups

  • Obtaining assessments and approvals of the project through all the necessary echelons

  • Production and development of branding + ID elements

Alternative Marketing

  • Marketing support to independent artistic and cultural enterprises + individual professionals:

          Festivals (film, dance, culture); Video coops; Arts collectives; Dance companies; Film clubs; Composers + Concertists; Musicians;

          Singer-songwriters; authors; Arts & Culture happenings; Non-profits; Educational sector

  • Grant-writing

  • Produced visual material and ads for newspapers and magazines

  • Video-documented events: shooting, editing, color correction of footage and compositing


  • Factual entertainment research

  • Market research for lifestyle reality tv series

  • Visual research for comedy tv series

  • Location scouting

  • Understanding of issues related to intellectual property, authorship, copyrights, etc.

  • Accounted for contracts, release forms, location forms, and all other paperwork regarding declarations and acquisition of rights (music, stock footage, stock images, photos, etc)

  • Understanding of market segmentation and target audiences.

Casting director

  • Management and casting direction of auditions (on-cam and voice) for tv, radio and web content

  • Experience with both union and non-union productions

  • Good relationship with agents and talent agencies: French and English talent, union and non

  • Preparation of contracts in collaboration with Finance and Legal departments.


  • Coordination of pre-production, production and post-production:  tv, web, radio, motion graphics, animation, film and audio; events coverage; documentaries; promos/commercials; fiction

  • Coordination of shoots in Canada and abroad
  • Administrative duties, including transcribing and translating interviews; obtaining stock footage and b-roll for video editor; overseeing the subtitling, dubbing, closed-captioning and transfers for a timely delivery to distributors and tv networks; managing reimbursement forms, contracts, release forms, location agreements, etc.

  • Coordination of production crews (from office and on-location)

  • Coordination of talent, extras, interviewees

  • Fine-tuning of workflows and techniques for maximum efficiency and quality

  • Responsible for in-house production equipment and its maintenance; assisting the d.p. and sound person

Preditor, designer

  • Editing (FCP); compositing (AE); image/photo manipulation and design (Photoshop)

  • Basic web design and maintenance

  • Basic music composition (strictly for personal productions)

  • Basic DVD authoring

  • Design: original artwork and text for magazine/newspaper ads; book covers; feature DVD and music CD covers, discs and interactive menus

  • Photography

Technical knowledge

  • Video/audio/image:

    Formats, compression, conversions, digital and analog techniques related to production, sharing, delivery
  • Workflows and scheduling

  • Production equipment

  • Post-production equipment

  • Mac and PC environments

  • Social media and networking tools

  • Administrative software (Words, Excel, Outlook, etc)

  • Early adopter of new technologies, innovative use of new and familiar